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Name:Erik Lehnsherr | Max Eisenhardt
The following History is a reconciliation of the differences between Max Eisenhardt, Earth #616, and Erik Lehnsherr, of X-Men First class, in an attempt to merge the two canon backgrounds. This will, and does, lead to inaccuracies in both canons, but a closer representation of all of Magneto's past than the movie's history itself.

Max Eisenhardt was born to a German Jewish family during a vastly unfortunate time period. During the Nazi rise to power, the young Max lost everything. His home, his family, his freedom, and even his name.

After their first capture and movement to a concentration camp in Warsaw, Poland, Max and his family escaped once, but it was not to last. They were soon betrayed and captured once more, and it was the last Max and his mother saw of the rest of their family. They were executed, leaving young Max, and his mother, Edie to watch as a rain of bullets cut down his father, Jakob, and sister, Ruth, before their very eyes.

The bullets missed Max and his mother, who had him in her arms, and they were dragged off towards the camp. When they were separated, Max's powers revealed themselves, as he bent the metal gate separating him from his mother, nearly dragging the dozen soldiers attempting to hold him with him in his attempt to get to her.

This caught the attentions of Herr Doktor, Klaus Schmidt, who had the young mutant dragged to his office. There he attempted kindness and bribery to urge Max to use his powers once more. When that failed, he had Edie dragged in and threatened to kill her if Max could not move the coin on top of his desk.

Stressed, confused and frightened, Max failed to move the coin until the shot fired startled him. There, in that office, the last member of Max's family was slaughtered for his own short comings, and Shaw unlocked the method to accessing Max's abilities.

Anger and Pain.

Over the years until Nazi Germany fell, Max was moved to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he was tortured and manipulated by Schmidt, as the doktor drew out his powers. The powerful mutant also kept Max alive, where he would have met his demise. Max became a thief and a Sonderkommando to survive. He learned many things from the Nazi soldiers and from Schmidt, as well as his fellow prisoners. How to manipulate his powers, how to fire a gun, how to disguise his emotions. He learned control and, more importantly, he learned vengeance. His determination grew stronger, but his fear and pain did as well, and the latter kept the young mutant from trying to escape Schmidt's grasp.

When the war ended and the camps were closed, Max fled, escaping both Klaus and the humans there to save him. The Holocaust and Schmidt had taught Max just how brutal the human race could be, in the treatment of minorities. A knowledge that stuck with him long after the camps were reduced to the plague of his nightmares.

After his escape, Max was given a new identity by a talented forger. Erik Lehnsherr. Under this new name, the young mutant returned to school, and focused his attentions on a dedicated study of the world, weapons, customs and languages.

Hardened by all he had seen and been through, and full of rage and pain, Erik believed himself a realist, though many may have called him a pessimist. He had seen what humans were capable of, and watched as Nazis went unpunished for their crimes.

Determined to find the man who had turned him into the monster he believed himself to be, Erik began hunting down and killing Nazis, with his ultimate goal being to find Dr. Klaus Schmidt.

When his hunt finally brought Erik before the Doktor who had destroyed and created him, he was denied his revenge and discovered that there were other mutants, like him. He was not alone, a strange monster in the world. The powerful Telepath rescued Erik from himself when his determination and desperation to capture and kill Schmidt (Now, Sebastian Shaw) would have led him to drown himself.

With the original intention to take the CIAs information on Shaw for himself and then leave, Erik agreed to join Charles and return to the CIA's off site base where Charles and his sister were to be held. There Erik met Raven Darkholme and Hank McCoy. Two more mutants like himself.

It was only after he attempted to leave with the CIAs files on Shaw that Charles confronted him and asked him to stay and help, pointing out that Shaw had others on his side, and Erik could use a few friends.

Though Erik's instincts told him to leave, that this was something he had to do on his own, he eventually decided to stay and help Charles in his search for their fellow mutants. His distrust for humans remained, however, and he demanded that it be he and Charles who went to find their fellow mutants. Without the CIA 'suits'.

There was a connection between himself and Charles. Though he saw the telepath as optimistic and naive, Erik found himself drawn to both his power and his mind. The two spent the months to come engaging in debates of politics and the world over friendly games of chess and glasses of scotch or brandy.

Without ever intending to, Erik grew attached to Charles and the young mutants they were training, but his mission never went unforgotten. Erik was driven by his need for vengeance and his hatred toward Shaw for killing his mother.

Could Charles really convince Erik of any outcome other than the two he foresaw as inevitable? Shaw had to die. But Erik held no illusions that the end of the war, whether brought about by them or not, would change the way humans felt about mutants. He had no doubts that humans would fear them, and then do as they did with everything else they feared. Attempted to round all the mutants up and kill them.

Still, Charles managed to bring out a side of Erik he had not believed himself capable of. He helped to train and take care of the other young mutants, while developing a strong bond of friendship between himself and Charles. Each of them attempting to sway the other to the favor of their mindset.

When it came down to it, Erik wanted Charles beside him. An ally in the inevitable war humans would want to wage against them. The bond he felt between himself and Charles was stronger than any he had known before. While they had different ideals and means to reaching it, Erik saw that they wanted the same thing. Freedom for their fellow mutants to live in the world without fear of prosecution or persecution from humans.

Unfortunately for them both, neither seemed capable of convincing the other that their method was better.

Not Max Eisenhardt, Erik Lehnsherr, or Michael Fassbender. This is an RP journal made for fun and does not represent Marvel or Fassbender in any way.
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